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When you think of Goa, you picture the warm climate, sipping an icy cocktail, getting a tan on the beach with the waves crashing in the background, while the cool breeze blows away all your stress as the coconut trees sway and float you to a state of bliss. Not a a bad setting to tie the knot, dont you think?. Are you considering Goa for your destination wedding? Still not convinced? Then continue reading and find yourself unwillingly falling head over heels for this tranquil haven.


This tiny state has almost everything you would wish to host your big, from golden beaches for that exotic feel, to dewy lawns for that elegant private event. The sheer number of places that you can celebrate your big day is something that will leave you spoilt for choice. When you arrive here, you immerse yourself in so much more than just the beauty of the land as the way of life will wash you over. The deliciousness of the local cuisine, great parties and entertainment, flee markets, dance parties and so much more. It’s architecture and heritage will resonate deep within you as you come to the realization that you now stand where once viceroys and princes, bishops and saints once stood. A sense of pride and privilege that now you can exchange your vows at these very beautiful churches and temples, and stay in those lavish Portuguese houses and mansions.


When you celebrate your big day at your home-town you have the entire town present at an indoor banquet hall where everyone else got married too. That takes away the charm of it as being just another wedding. But at a destination celebration you are surrounded by only your nearest and dearest, not to mention that the occassion will be an experience that is unique to you because not many couples tie the knot with a destination celebration with the entire experience tailored just for you and your loved ones. Apart from this, having plenty of its natural beauty and its scenic locations as a backdrop for your photos will make the experience a lot more memorable. With all the food, tradition, culture, pristine beaches, tropical atmosphere, and the local drinks all put together ready to enrich your experience and pamper you from head to toe.


The most stressing element of any wedding would be the monetary aspect of it. By having a destination celebration you are killing two birds with one stone. You are celebrating your special day,  with just your close friends and family, and then once the festivities are over and done with you and your spouse can club your honeymoon here itself. If you are worried about it being at the same place and that you have already experienced it, there is so much to do! During the day, life here is all about chilling by the beach side or just strolling through town, but the nightlife is completely opposite with people partying till early in the morning. There is a similar change as you travel from the north to southern coastline, so if you end up tying the knot in the north then you could plan your honeymoon in the south or vice versa. You will be astounded by how beautiful its landscape is and the extent you can explore it.


Believe it or not but having your destination celebration here could actually save you some money. The décor itself would not cost that much as very little is needed to shine a light on the natural beauty of this haven. Also the fact that this is happening far from your home, a large crowd isnt expected and this makes the guest list extremely short, that includes only close friends and family, making your day all the more special. Another added bonus are the package deals thrown in by hotels all across the state. To make things even better you can hire one of many event management companies to get best deals on venues, hotels, and they can even organize the entire event making sure that you are free of all responsibilities and will not have to run around for anything from the initial leg work to meetings with the vendors. This will allow you to truly relax and make the best use of your time here.


Normally getting married is very hectic barely allowing for any time alone for that much needed bonding, pair that with the fact that the ceremony and the reception is going to take place in your own backyard so you will be running around getting things organised in spite of having an event coordinator hired. You will not get the most out of the coordinator too. Having a destination wedding gives you the freedom to relax and enjoy the time you spend with your friends and family, and trust the professionals completely to plan, organize, and do the heavy lifting on your behalf.

Depending on the type of functions planned accordingly a venue and hotel needs to be scouted for. Most popular locations are undoubtedly by the coastal areas. There are a variety of starred resorts to choose from in a broad price range.  Costs do vary depending on time of the season. Peak months are towards the end of the year. We would thus recommend making the necessary bookings as early as 5-6 months in advance. For intimate gatherings, there are beautiful beach villas available that also can be scouted for. There are a number of options that will surely meet your expectations if not exceed it, it is best if you could make a short- trip in advance to look at a few venues and get an idea of possibilities that you can explore.

A typical 3 night and four day destination celebration first kicks off with a pool party in the afternoon, followed by the Sangeet or Mehendhi in the evening. The following day is the nuptials ceremony. The reception party can either be held in the evening of the same day or the following evening. The reception party is often followed by a after-party as well.

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