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Wedding Planners & Coordination Services In Goa

Congratulations On Your Engagement!!

Let us take this opportunity to firstly wish you a heartiest congratulations on being engaged. The reality of planning the wedding is now a reality, it could be overwhelming at the onset and as the engagement high passes, organizing the most amazing day of your life is needs to be pieced together. We would be glad to and equally excited to come alongside you to prepare for the occasion, managing all finer details on your behalf so that you stay focused on being just being the ‘bride’.

Like most brides at this stage you would…

You must have created a boards full of wedding ideas on Pintrest from a variety of themes that don’t quite fit together and possibly need direction on how to make them fit or cohesively bring it all together.

Your “to-list” is fast growing and may possibly be behind schedule on track down tasks and managing schedules. You feel the need to have more hands on deck to keep up the pace or even be at two places at a time!

You are very excited and at the same time aren’t sure where to begin. You are aware of what needs to get done, but choices, decisions, costs all seems to add-up quickly. Having a professional alongside you is a thought that crossed you mind, someone that can mirror your thoughts and eliminate the guesswork out of all the decisions. You wish to ultimately be relaxed knowing that your big day would be as incredible as you imagined it .

Well, you may just landed in the right spot! At Infinity Events our team of wedding planners take-up all the needs to be planned allowing you to enjoy the process of bringing it all together excluding the stress of it all. Let us help you create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests at you destination wedding here in Goa!

We are  full service wedding planning agency based in Goa. We offer a comprehensive band of services offering expert planning and design guidance all throughout the arrival of the big day. These services are aimed at offering a couple a collaborative and personalized approach to create a memorable and unforgettable event for everyone attending.  We focus on your vision, thus designing an experience where we clear communicate our approach behind every detail to you as well as our team, ensuring all of us are on the same page and are all being aesthetically aligned.  The comprehensive planning approach is aimed at integrating personalized features into the design and meaningful details that are an extension of your personalities put together to curate a seamless guest experience.

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