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Goan Wedding Planners

Being Goan wedding planners stationed locally we are in a position to offer you services that are bespoke that caters to small intimate ceremonies to large number of guests. As majority of our vendors, production materials and crew are available locally we offer you competitive pricing on all our offerings. Having been on the circuit for over a decade we have an in depth understanding of the local venues, beaches best suited for sunset ceremonies, accommodation options, food and also entertainment.

Destination Celebrations

For destination celebrations in Goa, we are well equipped to provide with travel and stay solutions which include hotel accommodation, local transfers for guests arrivals and transfers, meals and gala dinners for reception, excursions. Depending on the number of guests we will provide you with on the ground information of various hotel properties that includes venues at these properties as well. We shortlist hotels at various prices ranges on your behalf, check on date availability and block dates for you.

We are a Full Service Agency

Our comprehensive set of services services will provide you with professional assistance from the start to the finish. Plenty of elements need to come together for a successful celebration and we ensure you have a stress-free experience in putting it together and enjoying the occasion. Tell us what you envision and we will work around bring all the elements together. No detail is overlooked as well bring together every aspect and leave all the foot-work to us.

Partial Planning

If you are one of those brides that kick-started the planning process long before and are overwhelmed at how you will bring your ideas and creativity to life? We are at hand to assist you with the process, continuing from what you have already work-on this far also assisting you with what you may have overlooked.

Month of Coordination

As you lead-up to the big day, there is so much to do and sometimes very little time to manage it all. Why taken-on all the stress? Well, we will ensure that all items in the checklist have been checked during this month and also we would be at the coordinating the day of as well. We jump in looking at a detailed look at your timelines for the various functions, engage with the various vendors and would be by you side from start to the finish.

Decor & Design Services

Being locals we understand how best a particular venue can be transformed with the use of a variety of lighting effects, colors and floral arrangements. Let us add the Goan touch to your special day with a vibrant designs and themes. This includes Mhendhi ceremonies, Haldi functions, Mandaps, Reception stages, Welcome arches, table piece, center pieces and much more.


There is no doubt that hiring an event managing agency will definitely reduce your stress and the effort of  organizing the festivities. In spite of that there is a whole lot that goes into getting the best out of the team you have hired, at your end as well as theirs. Broadly you can expect them them will attend to; vendor and venue management, working closely with the groom and the bride to better understand their idea behind the nuptials and reception party, bridesmaid’s outfits, and rehearsal dinner.

After understanding what exactly the couple has in mind and getting an idea of their vision, along with their overall preferences, the coordinator will then engage into setting up the costs and budgeting. There are some vital aspects that have direct impact on the costs and there in the budget, such as the vibe, colors, style, taste, and mood.

Succeeding the discussions of all the basics, a map is drawn up which outlines how they would go about organizing and getting the elements in place. Once that is completed a contract is put down explaining all the various services and tasks covered in it. Dependent on the budget that is available and the requirements, there are a few broad tasks that are generally included which are listed below.


A lot of time, patience, and efforts goes into putting an eventful celebration as memorable as your big day. It contains details that must be double checked and within limits of the costs ad budget. Having a well-organized team by your side would mean entrusting it all  into the hands of a professional where you can just relax and enjoy the occasion.  The extent of your involved is totally in your hands and you can decide how you would like to get involved.

Professional coordinators are indubitably practical and straight-forward in their approach, which is why you can trust them when they suggest that somethings may be unrealistic, or just an expensive mistake, they will also be able to guide you on savings and try and keep everything under budget. There is always the unexpected hick-up that you have no control over, like a traffic delays or unexpected change in weather. In such situations the coordinator is forced to improvise as the situation dictates, the manner in which these situations are handled marks the experience and professionalism of the team you hire.

Fashion and Style Advice

If you are not the type of person who keeps tabs on the latest issue of Vogue or Cosmopolitan, and have no idea about the latest trends in accessories, make-up, bridal fashion, etc. you can always look for suggestions from the agency you hire. Being from the industry it is their job to stay on top of these matters and so being in the best position to guide you on the best for you.

Remaining Calm and Collected

As festive as the occasion can get it is also very vexing for both the couple as well as their families, especially when they have to juggle between their home, work, and any wedding related responsibility that they are given. This can at times lead to disagreements and heated arguments over different things usually with the parents and family over matters like certain decisions, or preferences. Here is where your coordinator usually jumps in to keep the peace and try to compromise or make them understand the reason behind certain preferences and the decisions made. It is important to understand that this is a difficult time for your parents despite it being such a joyous occasion because they want your celebration to be nothing short of perfect.

Being Adaptive and very Resourceful

An event coordinator without any contacts is like a general without an army. A well experienced professional has a lot of contacts when you are looking for particular services like venues, catering, band, DJs, or something even simple as a karaoke player.  Since they have been in the industry for a while and associated with most of the vendors, they are better at negotiating on your behalf.

They also partake in vendor management, decor schemes, entertainment plans,  dealing with no-shows, managing the timelines, receiving deliveries, running a quick rehearsal, meeting vendors, and solving last minute emergencies.

If you had not to hire a professional then you would have to source all the vendors yourself or even have someone from the family or a request a friend to coordinate it on your behalf which otherwise  would have been shouldered by a professional. You should make it a point to meet the vendors at least once a month to have a firm grip on things and all the arrangements.

Things to keep in mind

Before you make a hiring decision, here are a few things to look out for. Pay close attention to how responsive the agency or the person or their team is. Every agency is different and they have their own way of working with their own tastes and styles. Account for costs of hiring and also their roles and responsibilities. At the end of it all, the agency you hire must be able to add value to the celebration and reduce your burden. Last but not the least;the contract, a proper contract must be drawn up highlighting all the duties, tasks, responsibilities, expenses, costs, and payment method that will be followed. It is also important to note that the costs will vary which is dependent on the type of services needed. The service package normally include the day of coordination and/or the full service package.


You said ‘Yes’, it is such a happy time – moments you will cherish for life!  It is then time to make it all happen- perfect for you and your fiancé. This is no easy task, and is pretty daunting even for the toughest of them. It does not matter if you want a private and intimate celebration or one with a large sized crowd, organizing it takes a whole lot of time and effort, along with a lot of work and responsibility.

Thus the advantages of hiring a professional to lend their expertise is always a great choice. They will help you with everything, from the type of cloth for your tuxedo to the fireworks at the end of your celebration. Their services are of incredible help to especially those who work long hours and cannot find the time to sit and decide all the finer details. It is so much more convenient to have a professional manage and take care of all the arrangements on your behalf.

Having a team of professionals working on your behalf always proves to be very effective and efficient, all of your time and energy is directed and channelized to better use, for example; you do not have to talk with the vendors, the coordinator will act as a medium allowing you to make time for the many other things that need to be attended to. Many people often get overwhelmed with the stress and experience of organizing everything by themselves. It also eliminates the possibility of plenty mistakes that could have been made, unnecessary expenditures, and keeping things under control. Initially it all that needs to get done looks a more overwhelming and may consume a lot of time and effort to research, reaching out to a number of vendors, collect information; such as costing, availability, other requirements, etc. This is all made much easier and stress free when you have someone who is already from the industry and possesses all the information you need to help you make decisions.

Managing costs and staying within the proposed budget also requires plenty of resourcefulness, effort and time. The wealth of experience that these professional bring along with them will be extremely helpful in creating a very realistic budgets and manage your costs. This in turn will give you better grasp over your spending and you will also be able to balance the expenditure as these professionals are well versed with pricing, costs and the best deals and offers from all venues and vendors to figure as to how much everything is going to cost you.

Keep Stress Away!

It is a wedding planners everyday task to manage such occasions and is thus accustomed to the stress that comes with the job and has given him the ability to adapt and improvise to the pressure and demands that come with the job. One of the fundamental reasons why brides hire these professionals is to keep the stress at bay. You can give up all the worrying and leave it up to them to do the heavy lifting on your behalf; having a professional take-over everything will be for the better as they are equipped by profession to handle any situation that arises and can adapt and improvise wherever it is needed the most. So you can rest easy and leave and leave months of work and pressure to the pros.

Being Creative

Creativity may not be everyone’s strong suit, and the painful struggle for coming up with original idea is real. It is pretty obvious that nobody would want to have the ceremony or the reception that is the exact copy of their neighbors or their friend’s wedding. Sure, you may have liked certain elements of it but you would not want the exact same for your big day. Whereas on the other hand you cannot come up with any original idea for your celebration. Here is where the professional chimes in, they can be a ton of help in coming up with many ideas and different spin-offs on various things, most often putting together elements in a different perspective so that it becomes something new and exclusive to you.

Making Decisions

Something that will not end until you are happily married and done is the decision making. It is constant because there are a million things to decide upon, something as simple as the brand of champagne to be served to the color that will suit the theme, to the seating arrangement for the guests, to the type of flowers, and much more. Such decisions are precisely what raises stress and triggers arguments. But these decisions are a lot easily made by the event managers as they are from the industry and face such dilemmas on a regular basis.

Putting in the Time

In today’s time constrained life it is very difficult to find time for yourself let alone finding time to work on putting together the celebration at hand. Couple that with your work and deadlines with targets that have to be met, it is almost impossible. This type of situation definitely demands a professional to be on board. Trying to balance your regular life, work life, while simultaneously managing wedding duties will only increase the stress and more then often build pressure and end with arguments. With these pros by your side to guide you and help you will make it a lot easier and less stressful without you having to compromise on your work life and busy schedules.

Having Connections in the Industry

Finding that perfect venue, striking a golden deal with the right vendors, all comes after a lot of research, time, and money. Missing out on those killer discounts, or getting in touch with an vendor who could be overcharging , or getting hassled by the government offices for the paperwork are just some of the things if not all that may happen to you just because you are not from the industry and have no experience in such dealings. But if you hire a professional, you will not have to face these hurdles just because they have the know-how and the right connections in the right places and get work done and even provide the right vendors for a particular budget.

Managing Family Expectations

Weddings are special occasions that bring the entire family together in joyous celebration. And there is always that one family member or two who just insist on helping and trying to connect you with other people. While it is an amazing gesture and they probably feel obligated to do so, this more often than not leads to way too much confusion and commotion, which is something to be avoided.  But this is an everyday task for these professionals, keeping the peace in the family is just as important as the occasion because nobody wants to celebrate something while holding a grudge against them. Planners are known to help keep the mood light and easy because tensions run high in the family during times like these. These professionals ensure that everybody is on the same page and there is no confusion, everything is coordinated in perfect harmony. Should a complication arise during this time, you need not worry because of the amount of experience these professionals possess is enough for them to think, improvise, and solve the problem on the fly without letting the rest of the guests know that there ever was a problem.



So you have finally decided to hire a professional so that you can have a stress free wedding. The next thing on your agenda should be hiring the one that is perfect for you and that you are happy to work with. This may prove to be a little difficult to find the right match as on one hand there are so many talented people that the industry has to offer but on the other hand you have to find the right person who understands your concepts and ideas along with your preferences rather than someone who tries to push their ideas on to you.

It is every brides dream to have a magical celebration, so they are full of excitement to take on a majority of the tasks themselves, they often work very closely with the planner and go over everything together to remain on the same page. Whereas some do not indulge in any of the finer details limiting their interactions to the bare minimum, leaving all the decision making to the team they hire. But choosing the one that’s right for you is a bit of a task which consumes a lot of time and effort, there are many aspects to it and below is the best way to approach it.


Right off the bat you have to find out whether you can get along well with the agency or the individual. In your initial meetings it is essential to express all your ideas, concepts, style, colors, etc. and listen closely to the feedback you receive. If you are met with the same enthusiasm and excitement, and you are able to form a firm personal bond then you are off to a good start. It takes a months to coordinate and put together and therefore hiring someone you are comfortable to work with for month together is recommended. Communication is an important factor because you will be relying on them for guidance, decision making, and support during emotional times.


To find someone who matches your personality is easier said than done. First of all, how do you even go about finding someone like that? Well for starters you can invest your time in researching, inquiring with friends and family, references and checking websites, portfolios, and social profiles. You will also need to meet with a few planners that you have shortlisted to check which one is the most suitable and similar to your personality.

Review and pay close attention to their portfolios to give you an idea of the sort of styling and approach to similar venues and locations in the past. Check whether their manner of decorating and styling are similar to what you have in mind. At this stage broadly think about the bog picture you have in mind and get a feel of how your ideas and concepts are received.


When you meet potential planners, get straight to the point and get answers to questions that will help you come to an informed right decision. Getting to know the planners schedule and the amount of time they are willing to spend with you together during the months to come. Details of the number of staff that that will be available, their costs, the time that they can dedicate to you and also the frequency of meeting to put things together.  A good interaction will give you a better understanding and better clarity when you are making your choice on which professional to hire.


This is another aspect that is better off being discussed within the first meeting to get better notion on the price points on the fees, venues, and for the vendors. Accurate numbers may not be a possibility at this point, however just to put things in perspective, ball-park figures would be just fine. Before you schedule any meetings, prepare yourself with a rough budget for various items like entertainment, photography, décor, catering, venues, etc. If you are having difficulty in finding these out, then just ask a few friends that have just recently gotten married to give yourself a good estimate of what the budget will include.


If you have reached a stage that you have all the details you need and most importantly are comfortable with the people you plan to work with then it is definitely time to make the hiring decision.  If the decision is a tough one to make, take a few days to think about it and identify the pros and cons of the agencies that have been shortlisted. Sign-off on the paperwork only after you read through the details of the contract.


Secure the perfect agency or individual and you are all set to kick-start the lovely journey of the celebration you always wanted. It is full of fun and very memorable. Allow the professional to take lead and get organizing, and do all the heavy lifting, because that is what you hired him for. But at the same time take initiative in scheduling meetings and keeping tabs on the progress of things. Try to participate only where you are needed, this way you will not get in the way of the planner and you will not feel left out. The best way to get the most out of the team you hire is to give clear directions on your preferences, maintain excellent communication, and also be certain and efficient on your decision making.