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Destination weddings are the next best combination after dunking Oreos in milk. It is like having a small vacation and getting married as well. Is a wedding by the shoe side for you? No? Who are you kidding? Of course it is for you! Who would not want to celebrate the happiest day of their lives at one of the most beautiful places in the world? However, there are pros and cons that you will have to look into. Goa has a lot to offer, and when you do decide on it, here are few factors that you should take into consideration and will help you decide.


Cutting to the chase, getting married at an exotic destination is comparable to none. They are spectacular! Regardless where you decide to have your ceremony, on an island, the golden white sandy beaches, a private villa, or in the luscious forests a top a mountain, you can blindly bet that it is relatively a lot more beautiful than the typical wedding hall back home.

Nonetheless the one hitch that you will come across will be the legal paperwork that I required to register the marriage which has to be sorted before anything else can be planned. Finding out all this is no marathon but you do need to put in some time and ground work. The marriage laws is different in every country and it is important to know the procedures in procuring a marriage license and the other laws governing marriages in other countries. It is always best to have an event coordinator be your guide with this stuff and how to go on about it, speaking with the staff at the hotel would also help.

A popular option that is chosen by many, are the packages offered by numerous hotels in foreign countries. These resorts are located at popular destination venues make the entire process easier for their clients by offering a combined service that is in the form of a package, which include and cover rooms, food, event coordination, and décor at extremely reasonable rates. Availing such an all-inclusive package is incredibly economical. You also have the advantage of not worrying about all the tiny details. You can just sit back, relax and enjoy being in a new location.

Another offset of having a destination ceremony is the very limited guest list. This generally constrained to family and close friends. What most couples do is throw an informal party after for those who could not be invited. On the other hand some enjoy the idea of an exclusive party. Destination weddings are almost ideal if not convenient for when the groom and the bride are from different states and want some neutral ground where both families can meet and enjoy all the festivities together.

Nowadays getting married at your hometown, celebrating it in your regular banquet hall is way too mainstream and boring. Destination venues are the perfect breakaways from mundane life. Beautiful beaches, great weather, picturesque views, comfortable resorts, it is everything and more.

You most definitely have heard of a destination wedding, and all the social media and hype it generates dresses it up as this very expensive and out of your reach. But this could not be any more wrong. There are many venues, vendors, and resorts available to cater to all types of wallets. The resort, drinks, venues, entertainment, catering and décor are very reasonably priced. There is something that will suit everyone.

So to weigh out the pros and cons, many people look at a destination wedding as nothing but a delightful vacation with each other with getting married. The main attraction here is obviously the nightlife, the beaches, and the tropical climate, and these being the main the reason that many people decide to tie the knot here.

There are many tips and tricks that we have shared to help you get better organized and plan a destination event that you have to check out!