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Beach Ceremony

Beach Ceremony

Beach Ceremony

A beach ceremony makes for a venue like no other! The beautiful shoreline, the swaying palms, the sound of the crashing waves hitting the shore, the setting sun, the mesmerizing colors that fill the evening sky makes for a backdrop second to none. An absolute to everyone attending.  It isn’t a surprise why brides from near and far choose the beautiful beaches of Goa for a memorable ceremony that surely scores over a traditional venue. A beach venue is the perfect location for a destination wedding ceremony but does pose a few challenges. To keep you on top of things and ready for the occasion we put together a few pointers.


It is quintessential for a bride to have the perfect gown, one that multiplies her elegance and make everyone’s jaw drop. However at outdoor locations such as the beach does not favour the traditional heavy elaborately beaded dress made of brocade or lace. Such dresses will weigh you down on an already hard to walk surface – the sand. Wearing something light and smooth is perfect, like silk chiffon or organza are light and airy fabrics. The preferred footwear would be a classy pair of flats or sandals. Opt for a pair of footwear that offers more support while standing on the uneven sand,  a pair of  wedged heels work perfectly.


It gets windy more than often at the shore and very unpredicted. Wear a hairstyle that can be easily fixed or altered in the event if the wind speed picks up. In addition to the breeze, also take into account the salinity and humidity along with the time of the day and also the number of hours you will be out there. We would recommend a loose side pony with a few ties with a headband or a long-curls that form an elongated shape resting on side of your shoulder or perhaps even  fish tail braids. If you fancy a bun, a low bun with side twist works well too.


Keeping guests informed well-ahead of the ceremony being at the beach would give them a heads-up in picking comfortable outfits to suit the outdoors.  To keep everyone comfortable it would nice to keep a few necessities handy such as water in an ice-box, wet-wipes, hand fans or even sun-hats or flip-flops.  Depending on the time of day have sufficient overhead shade to keep everyone covered from the sun along with seating that is preferably cushioned and relaxed.


Having the beach as the backdrop does not require complex décor rather it would be more about choosing décor elements that complement the seaside setting. Minimal props such as seashells, paper lanterns, sea-glass and driftwood add a natural touch and themes well with the surroundings. If tables are being used, table-cloths, center pieces and place cards have to be weighted to prevent the wind from blowing them away.  Floral arrangements needs strapped as well, additionally, consider blossoms that will last in the direct sun and in the breeze. Orchids, Marigold and Plumeria’s are a few options that can be used.


It is important to complete all the necessary paperwork and get permits that will allow you to have the nuptials by the shore side. Keep the sound restrictions in mind as it is strictly monitored by the local authorities. A section of the beach that is been permitted to use can be cordoned off. This demarcation can be found on the license received from the authorities. Also needed to obtain is a license to install the decor that includes the gazebo, chairs, mandap or aisle runners, that can be availed for a small fee. Permits needs to be processed at least 6-8 weeks in advance from the local authorities.


The outdoors require plenty of finer details to be looked into for keep guests comfortable and in the festive spirit. If there a particular section of the beach chosen for the ceremony make sure everyone can easily find it. Having an usher coordinate everyones arrival to the venue will make it easier for guests.  Erect sufficient tents or pandals to comfortable accommodate everyone under it in a theatre styled seating. Outdoor venues require a refreshment station for guests to hydrate themselves whenever needed.


Lighting is so very crucial at any outdoor ceremony. Although most would prefer a sunset ceremony, there are also religious considerations that need to be accounted for as well. The best natural light is always an hour before sunset a photographers delight for beautiful sunset portraits and candids. A rough timeline can be followed as much as possible to make the best of the time to capture the most delightful moments.


The sounds of the waves crashing the shores, the sea-gulls flying by and the sound of the wind can diminish the reach of your voice. A minimal sound set-up powered by a portable genset that is accompanied with a microphone for the priest  as well is recommended. If there are few people that would be using the mic, a sound check to familiarise themselves with it helps.


Not all beaches are private, however a beach with is less crowded or a location away from the hustle-bustle is always recommended. There are a number of locations that have limited crowded across Goa, these are locations that are most suited for a beach wedding.

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