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Beach Ceremony

Beach Ceremony

If a traditional wedding is something too extravagant and mainstream, a beach ceremony will be a fine selection that will meet all your expectations and needs. A classic beach ceremony would be amongst golden white sand along with coconut trees swaying in harmony to the gentle breeze that carries the waves to the shore, where the sound of the crashing waves builds the anxiety and adds to the drama, while the atmosphere is damp with the smell of salt and the setting sun overlooking your ceremony fills the sky with mesmerising colors making it a picturesque ceremony. There are a few things to keep in mind when you have a beach ceremony, like the winds changing the direction of your hair or it affecting your outfit, people passing by and tourists craning their necks and crowding to get a sneak peek at what is happening. You will also have to put up with the sun and the briny air ruining your make-up. Along with these here are a few more things to keep in mind:


It is quintessential for a bride to have the perfect gown, one that multiplies her elegance and make everyone’s jaw drop. However a beach ceremony does not favour the traditional heavy elaborately beaded dress made of brocade or lace. Such dresses will weigh you down on an already hard to walk on surface – the sand. Wearing something light and smooth will be perfect, like silk chiffon or organza are light and airy fabrics.

The preferred footwear would be a classy pair of flats or sandals. Wearing something that offers more support while standing on the uneven sand is what you should be aiming for, something like wedged heels work perfectly.


When thinking of the hairstyle you want to wear, have some foresight and plan your look for the dance floor. Opt for a hairstyle that looks elegant but also allows you to let loose on the dance floor. If you want your hair to have that natural look and not use any product, have a hairstylist who will be able to work with the humidity, salinity, and breeze all day.


Imagine how uncomfortable your guests will feel wearing suits and gowns on the beach. Inform them well in advance that the ceremony will take place on the beach and request them to dress accordingly. You can go one step further and provide them with welcome kits, they can include a few necessities like, sunscreen, fans, water bottles, paper napkins, and maybe even a pair of flip flops or shades.


Try not to go over the top with the décor, keeping things simple is the best way to make the most out of your venue. Using the shore and the sea for your props by making use of the shells, sea-weed, and the rocks. Your overall décor could also use the same color scheme as the venue, so that you can incorporate the natural beauty of the beach and the natural layout into the decor of the ceremony venue along with subtle sprinklings of flowers to give it a little pop.


The hassle of running to government offices does not let up even if you are getting married. It is important to complete all the necessary paperwork and get permits that will allow you to have the nuptials by the shore side. Make sure that you obey the sound restrictions set, because it is very embarrassing to have the police barge in to shut your party down. You can have a section of the beach that is been permitted to use cordoned off just. This demarcation can be found on the license you receive from the authorities. You will also need to obtain a license to install the gazebo, chairs, mandap or aisle runners, you can get these for a small fee. This is a lot of work for you during the happiest period of your life, so it would be better to go through a hotel that has it own private beach, and this will also make sure that your privacy is maintained and you do not have to run around taking care of the paperwork as they will do so on your behalf.


Do not cut any corners, because beach ceremonies- as exciting as they sound, if they are poorly executed they will result in nothing but embarrassment for the couple. Make sure that your guests are not burning in the sun, provide enough shade so that they are not drenched in sweat and in a bad mood. You could set up a small station for them to change into flip flops so that they can be more comfortable. Ensure that the seats and the platforms all are sturdy for people to sit and do not sink into the sand or get blown away by the wind. Keeping a refreshments station is a great idea, that way your guest can stay hydrated and happy.


Create a diligent timeline outlining everything that has to take place and have someone take charge of the timeline to make sure everything goes according to that. Make sure to end the ceremony well before the sun sets, because lighting is everything. If you do not have the perfect light, then half the awe of a beach wedding is ruined. With the perfect light the photographer can shoot the best moments of your big day in the most romantic of settings.


Being outdoors most people forget to account for the external noise that accompanies the outdoors. The crashing of waves, birds squawking, the wind, along with the shore side atmosphere will definitely end up in interrupting the ceremony. The sand on the beach will not provide you with power sockets and outlets. So prepare to keep a portable power station along with a couple of generators, one as a backup. Make sure the speakers are sufficient enough for everyone gathered.


There are a number of things to keep in mind when having a beach wedding. One will be the wind, it will blow away anything that is not tied down. Your décor, cards, napkins, menus, etc. Another problem you will face is the amount of bugs that will appear uninvited. Douse the area with bug spray a few hours before the ceremony and keep a few bug zappers ready. As hot as the day at the beach is, the night is just as chilly if not more, so keep a few warm clothes like woollies, shawls, beanies, etc. for your guests to use.

Washrooms are a must, but having one that is miles away from the venue is a big no-no. Getting a portable one is just as good if there is not one nearby. One more expectancy will be the weather. You can plan a pretty picnic, but you cannot predict the weather. Have a few folding tents or an indoor hall ready to use for any emergencies like these.